At Badges Plus, our first goal is to make you feel at home in Augusta, Georgia. Since 1977, the Pilcher family has been assisting clients list and rent homes for the Masters Tournament.

With extensive experience in travel, Clyde Pilcher has first-hand knowledge of needs for visitors in a new area. Never missing an opportunity to introduce avid golf fans to this experience, he tends to meet many clients during his travels.

Being Augusta residents and making their home across from the famed course itself, this family understands the essential needs of guests in the Garden City. They also appreciate golf. Although he has not competed in the actual grand tournament himself, Clyde enjoys the relaxing game as a hobby and even participates in local tournaments.

For many businesses, golf connections would be the sole focus for the enterprise, but for this family, supporting the community means success for the city. Actively involving themselves in local charities, the Pilcher family supports programs such as The Boys and Girls Club. Since outdoor activity is a large part of the business, the family, through other business affiliations, also supports local recreation groups.

When you choose Badges Plus for all your Masters needs you rest in the fact that a true Augusta family will be providing your group with the best golf experience you could want. For those that need a little extra help with cooking or restaurant reservations, leave it to the experts. This company will arrange for local chefs to prepare meals in your home, or simply set up your restaurant reservations.

Call (706) 228-2583 and start planning your Augusta Experience!